Hi! I’m Kamille Parks, an urban designer/web-designer/Trojan-Anteater who also occasionally knits. I’ve always been a designer of some sort, whether it meant designing a small logo or re-envisioning a whole website, but it wasn’t until my freshman year at college that I realized my true passion was in urban design. Now I seek out any opportunity to apply my love for planning and executing projects to making communities in Southern California a better place.

Over the years I have expanded upon my skills in design software as I have gained more opportunities to design and edit graphic media. Before starting college I had already taken on various designing projects for logos and websites as a freelancer. I then took several courses on placemaking and urban design principals as an Urban Studies major with a focus in Urban and Community Development at UC Irvine. After earning my B.A. in just three years I enrolled in part-time study at LA Harbor College, applying these design principles to bettering the built environment with the aide of CAD and 3D modeling software. I recently obtained my Masters in Planning at USC for an even deeper understanding of how urban spaces are designed, managed, and revitalized.

But besides all that I am still on a never-ending quest to perfect this website. The site itself uses WordPress, my own child-theme of Underscores, and a plugin of my own design to fine-tune the interactive elements on the site. To imagine what the site would look like without my own code work, imagine literally a blank white page. Every now and then this site will get a tiny bit better, one line of CSS’s worth prettier, one PHP function more automated.