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The projects below are a representative sample of client projects. Click this link to view all of my "wide release" Airtable extensions I have published through my company, KamillionaireApps.


Rental Inventory Assistant

A React app with a form-like interface to streamline the rental process of physical items, allowing users to bulk select records and log their physical condition.

Episode Generator

A Javacript-powered form that dynamically generates one or more pre-filled database records according to multiple user inputs.

Proximity Scheduler

A Javascript-powered automation that compares travel distance (Google Maps API) and estimated completion time of a tentative appointment with booked appointments to filter for and rank the most optimal time slots.

Client Invoicer

A series of automations that generate client invoices in Stripe and bills in QuickBooks to streamline contractor payments.

Ultimate Meal Planner

This meal planner base has it all! Shopping list generator, recipe page builder, support for "sub-recipes", you name it. Mix-and-match entrees and side dishes to create varied meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner. This database template was made in Airtable and has been published for public reuse.