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Envision Simi Valley is a state grant funded project that has three core components:

  • Community-driven Specific Plans for the development of areas of Los Angeles Avenue and Tapo Street. The plans will contain a detailed strategy to position Los Angeles Avenue as the City's new downtown and will re-establish Tapo Street's historic "main street" appeal.
  • Update to the City’s economic development strategy for these two areas to meet the future needs of residents, businesses, and visitors.
  • Citywide Objective Design & Development Standards that facilitate non-discretionary permitting for residential and mixed-use projects throughout the City. The design standards will build upon and streamline existing design guidelines and will make them objective in compliance with CA Senate Bill 330. The project entails a robust public outreach strategy including public workshops, pop-up events, one-on-one interviews with business owners and other stakeholders, and an engaging project website.

Kamille conducted the existing conditions analysis of two specific plan areas along major commercial corridors in the City. Kamille is working closely with the City to revise existing city-wide objective design standards in addition to developing the specific plan documents which will envision the areas as walkable, mixed-use centers. She is also leading the public outreach efforts which include presentations at community workshops, managing the project website, and attendance at popup events.