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The County of Los Angeles (County), Department of Regional Planning hired Gruen Associates to establish a series of principles, development standards and design guidelines to steer development decisions throughout the unincorporated territory of the County for residential and mixed-use projects of all scales. The objective development standards are intended to embrace the varied topography and development form found throughout the County, and to build upon the existing context of the County's most urban areas, the more traditional suburban communities, and the most rural villages. The development standards are being incorporated as an update to Title 22 of the County's Municipal Code.

Kamille conducted an existing conditions analysis of 147 unincorporated communities and developed the categorization system that organized the communities based on development intensity (from rural to urban) and major topological features (i.e. coastal, desert, hillside, basin). Kamille also assisted in the development of the objective design standards, which account for a site’s context in terms of street frontage and building type (i.e. duplex, podium, courtyard).