Kamille I. Parks homepage

I do a lot of different things.

Most of what I do falls into 2 broad categories. Some of my projects have won awards, including the ones below:

2021 Outstanding Young Planner Award of Excellence

Issued by APA Los Angeles Section

2020 Best Practices Merit Award

Issued by APA Inland Empire Section for SCAG High Quality Transit Area (HQTA) Pilot Project

2018 Academic Award of Excellence

Issued by APA Los Angeles Section for The Orchard Inn & Harvey Milk Plaza

Low Code Engineer

I think databases are neat. I have expertise in developing small-scale apps and automating complete business solutions as an award-winning React developer and expert in low-code platforms like Airtable and Glide.

Urban Planner

As an AICP-certified planner, I love working on projects that make Southern California a better place. Vision plans, specific plans, streetscape plans and corridor studies, and transportation feasibility studies are in my wheelhouse.

Latest Projects